• Goodbye, Hello

    Yesterday was my last day at BlackBerry. After twelve years of both incredible highs and lows, it is now time for a change. I’m excited to be starting something new, and will post more about that soon.

  • Reboot

    For some time now my personal websites—one public and one private—have run on WordPress. I typically find myself too busy to write much, so updates to both websites have been very, very infrequent. In fact, this past year I made exactly zero posts on the site you are reading now, and the private one wasn’t much better.

    For the first few years both sites were on a shared hosting plan at Dreamhost which cost $10 a month. Last year I deemed that was too much to pay for what I needed so I moved both sites to WordPress.com with the domain mapping upgrade which cost $34 for the year.

    But now even that seems like too much. Besides the monetary costs, there is the perceived environmental cost of having a slice of compute resources standing by 24/7 for the off chance that I feel inspired to write something, and the even slimmer chance that someone wants to read it (I have no illusions of grandeur to be sure.) Yes, it is probably a miniscule impact, some might even say insignificant, but it gnaws on me nonetheless.

    The last and perhaps more important factor is that WordPress never fit quite right—I don’t want or need all the bells and whistles and often found them rather distracting.

    So it’s time to reboot.

    The plan for now is to try a new formula: Jekyll to generate the website and Amazon AWS for hosting the files. Hopefully this will satiate a desire to learn some different technology from the day job and perhaps even give me some topics to write about. Initially this will just be for colinho.com but if all goes well I will probably move the private site colinho.me over as well.

    Check back in a year.